• Paradise Club Paris 17

    Institute of naturist massage in Paris

    Paradise Club Paris

    The best erotic massage in Paris

    Paradise Club Paris 17

    Do you think

    you have tried everything already ?

    Paradise Club Paris

    You will experience a totally new world

    of sensuality, erotic charm, & luxury

    Paradise Club Paris 17

    Succumb to the temptation

    let yourself go

    Paradise Club Paris

    Enjoy sensual,

    private moments as a couple

    Paradise Club Paris 17

    Experience sublime

    body to body naked massage

    Paradise Club Paris

    Discover & enjoy our speciality four handed massage for your pleasure

  • Dear Customer We are happy to be able to announce that our show is ready to reopen on MAY 19 2021 under conditions of maximum health security. Anxious to continue pursuing the fight against the spread of covid-19 and limit the risk of contagion to our customers and our team we have implemented maximum security measures in our lounges Paradise Club Paris welcomes you to practice all treatments with an exceptional sanitary arrangement.



    Paradise Club Paris offers you a totally

    new experience with erotic & sensual massage

    7 Days / Week

  • Our Salon of Massage in Paris

    Welcome to Paradise Club, 3 rue Laugier 75017 Paris

    We can assure you an

    exclusive & personal welcome.

    For your pleasure,

    every detail is considered, to give you an exceptional & superior massage. In a relaxed ambience dedicated to increase your senses & relax your mind,

    you will have a unique experience suspended in time

    Our massage oils provide

    relaxation & well being.

    Enjoy our calm, warm & relaxing environment, where nothing is left to chance, every moment is solely for your pleasure with a sensual & erotic atmosphere



    Air bubble ,

    a bubble of tranquility :

    Immerse yourself

    in our air bubble,

    a relaxing bath of sensuality

    and soak away your everyday life.

  • Give yourself a wellness stopover

    with our massages in Paris

    Do you live in Paris or are you visiting the City of Light ?

    Discover or rediscover your sensuality,

    & awaken your senses with a sensual massage at our naturist massage parlour,

    Paradise Club Paris. From traditional massage, to the exotic and glamorous,

    it's a full sensory experience that we offer. Together with our experienced & sensual masseuses , who are dedicated to you needs, you can unleash all your senses.

    Release your body, soul & mind during a sensual massage, naturist or erotic,

    in accordance with our professional hostesses for a total escape

    that you will become a memorable experience.


    For the senses : our naturist massage


    What's better than letting go your body, mind and spirit , without thinking of anything else but the present moment, and the joy of surrender to the gentle hands

    of a professional masseuse naked ? Massage ecstasy par excellence,

    the naturist massage is inspired by the Californian massage

    and represents a subtle blend of massages, bodily contact and touch .

    Gentle and pleasurable , this massage will lead you along a path of deepest relaxation . However, we draw your attention to the fact that the naturist massage in no way similar

    to a sexual act and must be received in respect of the policy of our institution.


    For intense relaxation : our traditional massages

    Are you stressed?

    Are you tired ?

    You want to put aside all the stress of your busy life whether you are working or on vacation? You 've come to the right place.

    Paradise Club Paris is an ideal place to find the massage that will ease your stresses

    & strains , whether physical or mental . Luxury , peace & pleasure await you here in Paris 17.

    Enjoy memorable moments of total relaxation in a captivating & fragrant atmosphere,

    that will bring you well -being, skin to skin contact, magic and excitement of the senses. ...

    all awakened by the dexterity of our masseuses who master the advanced traditional

    massage techniques.

    Candles in warm colours, & light adapted to the sensual intimacy of these moments,

    our massages will soon have no secrets for you .


    For a sensual ecstasy : our couples massages

    Continue your experience, an incomparable naturist massage,

    by including your partner in this sensual & erotic experience.

    Enjoy this time to share a moment together , just for you , for something different ,

    to escape from everyday life and intensify your body communication.

    Immerse yourself with the delights of a couples massage ,

    take the time to listen to your senses and intensify unique moments.

    Become as one, & feel the magic and enjoyment of this experience.

    You will experience increased sensations in a sophisticated world,

    full of warmth and elegance .

    Drinking a glass of champagne, the two of you in our Jacuzzi or our hammam ,

    along with our naked masseuses , we offer a unique experience for your senses.


  • Price list Massage - Paradise Club Paris


    Réciproque 1h 200 €

    Réciproque 30 minutes 150 €

    Description :

    Durant la séance, la personne massée et le praticien se mettent entièrement nus.

    La seule différence, c'est que dans le massage réciproque, le massé est autorisé à toucher le praticien pour alterner pétrissage, pression, effleurage


    Tantra 1h 250 €

    Tantra 30 minutes 200 €

    Description :

    c’est la confiance et la relaxation.

    Pour se mettre dans l’ambiance, on baisse la lumière, on met une playlist douce…

    On peut même allumer une bougie parfumée.

    Il est conseillé de se mettre nu pour mieux se relâcher.

    Le massage tantrique en lui-même consiste à frotter de l’huile sur ses mains et à faire de larges mouvements enveloppants sur toutes les parties du corps, de haut en bas et de bas en haut, avec un toucher particulier sur les sept chakras

    La pression doit être légère, le toucher doux, lent, sensuel


    Massage traditionnel suédois

    30 minutes 100€

    Description :

    Le massage suédois est une technique dynamique qui consiste en un enchaînement de manœuvres exécutées principalement sur la musculature et les articulations.

    Les techniques du massage suédois ont pour but de faire circuler le sang vers le cœur.


    Massage ayuveda Abhyanga

    30 minutes 110 €

    Description :

    Le massage abhyanga, littéralement « massage à l'huile » est une des pratiques les plus anciennes de la médecine ayurvédique.

    Issue de la tradition du nord de l'Inde, cette médecine sacrée attribue au massage abhyanga des vertus qui dépassent le simple effet relaxant et tonifiant d'un massage.



    New Soft Domination

    30 minutes : 250 euros



    50 euros

  • Contact us

    +33 (0)6 70 01 18 12 / +33 (0)1 46 22 20 02

    7days open 9h to 22h

    Follow us



  • We are recruiting 

    Paradise Club Paris recrute Paris 17

    3 rue Laugier 75017

    Téléphone 0033 670 01 18 12


    Receptionist ... with experience in domain

    - Beautiful physical appearance

    - Very good speech to

    - Speak French and English

    - Imperative sense of the sale .....

    -A secure & luxurious environment

    *Attractive incentives & high salary

    Please forward your cv including a photo to


    such 0033 1 46 22 20 02 and 0033 6 70 01 18 12



    Recruiting opportunities available for experienced


    inexperienced masseuses

    -Well presented



    -Good team work


    -A secure & luxurious environment

    *Attractive incentives & high salary

    Please forward your cv including a photo to


    such 0033 1 46 22 20 02 and 00336 70 01 18 12

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    Date: 2018-11-17 12:47:58

    Nom: henry

    j'y suis allez sous le conseil d'un ami et je ne le regrette pas! un peu cher pour moi normalement et c'est dommage car j'y retournerais tout les jours sinon, mais on comprend aussi qu'il faut redescendre sur terre au bout d'un moment car l'extasie de se massage et tant fort que l'on pourrais y rester aussi je plaisante bien sur mais il est quand meme vrai que si j'ecris ce message et je plaisante etc... et vous ne voyer `pas mon sourire en repensant au moment avec Anita c'est que cela vallait vraiment la peine de vivre cette experience et j'essayerais d'y retourner tres rapidement encore merci a toute l'equipe toutes les filles on etait des amours


    Date: 2018-09-28 14:32:14

    Nom: Michel

    Rien a dire a oui parfait comme toi Sara merci xxxxx


    Date: 2018-05-03 13:04:17

    Nom: Stef et nat

    cela faisait un moment que nous pensions essayer une nouvelle experience avec ma copine et je doit dire que le massage en couple a etait tres agreable et je le recommende a tout les couple qui voudrais mettre un peu de piment dans leurs vie sans abimer leurs relation tout au contraire je vous l'assure car le soir en rentrent a la maison hihihihi enfin allez y !!!!! merci Amelie, Maria, Sara, et Brenda, oui 4 masseuses 2 heures !!!!!!!!!


    Date: 2018-04-17 12:29:38

    Nom: Daran

    Je conseil a tout le monde car mon experience personnel a etait au dessus de mes esperances definitivement, j'y suis allez sans telephone ni rien qui aurez pus me decentrer, jai bien pris mon temps et choisis 1h avec Sara et Amelia et le reste je vous laisse imaginer ........


    Date: 2018-02-15 11:13:01

    Nom: Dominique

    le jour ou je me suis enfin decider a aller au salon j'etais tres nerveux car je n'avez en aucun moment etais a un espace naturiste mais la je peux vous dire que je suis adicte au moins un fois par mois je m'acorde un moment pour moi merci Maria eres mi angel hahaha bisoux a toutes


    Date: 2017-09-10 18:24:28

    Nom: Alain

    le duo avec Amélia wahooooooooo!!!! je reviendrais !!!!


    Date: 2017-07-10 18:24:28

    Nom: Amanda

    Un massage tres doux un moment pure et intense merci Anita


    Date: 2017-06-23 11:27:58

    Nom: BARRY



    Date: 2017-02-14 19:33:01

    Nom: Karen and Mike

    We came away for a romantic Valentine trip to Paris, & the icing on the cake was visiting Paradise Club which my husband arranged as a surprise. We were taken care of on arrival, & it was a magical & sensual experience. He took the best Valentines package, & we were taken to a new level being massaged by two other beautiful girls, a tantalizing treat! We drank french champagne, lunched there, & as it was so close to the Eiffel Tower, we strolled there whilst reminising (before a quick trip back to our hotel first!). We have already planned our next trip back, a second honeymoon perhaps!


    Date: 2017-02-01 17:23:27
    Name: Martine and Louis
    A naturist massage in Paris of class quality champagne, the site is magic sublime and exciting one atmosphere reigns there the masseuses are really incredible and very attractive I adore!!! One moment which goes too quickly but fortunately the st valentin arrives and we have to reserve and I am there quite to excite only to think it of preparing quite the girls we shall soon be back and thank you again.

    Date: 2017-01-23 11:27:58
    Name: J-D and Annie
    Fantastic massage! I did not know too much what to think of typifies of massage, but by speaking with my wife adds us to us says and why not? And yes we add us to it returned, and I do not know by or to begin has by that everything is as a dream the style, the smells, the atmosphere and yes well on our wonderful masseuses, the massage in couple is incredible, the spa and the Jacuzzi wow and since it's as if adds us of return has our honeymoon thank you again has you the girls we think well has think you and of returning for our next birthday(anniversary)

    Date: 2016-12-22 14:48:36
    Name: pool
    Massage of a big intensity. Just sublime, so much that the relaxation was complete .MERCI has Célia for its massage, has very fast

    Date: 2016-11-22 14:57:55
    Name: jeans-luc
    I passed as first time, very put under stress yesterday.
    I am still on my small cloud. J still have the small soft way of my masseuse EVA who(which) my fact to cross(spend) a timeless unforgettable moment and of l spaces out. Far from the concerns(marigolds) of the everyday life(daily paper). I feel completely got fresh ideas never j shall have imagined it. I was anxious to thank her(it). In the pleasure to return one day a short moment on Paris to relive this experience(experiment).

    Date: 2016-11-16 12:11:32
    Name: Michel
    The best massage without any doubt a nice welcome(reception) the pip(top) I am very satisfied and strongly recommends him(it)

    Date: 2016-11-07 15:28:38
    Name: PATRICK
    Sitting room of massage in the 17th but massage of very high quality! EVA in the attractive silhouette will tame the stress of my 1st experience(experiment) of the erotic massage. I am anxious to underline no sexual service(performance) will be practised. The naturist service(performance) is mainly based on the relaxation and the sensualism of the naturist massage. On the verge of the eroticism...

    Date: 2016-10-18 12:03:05
    Name: PATRICK
    A waterfall of well-being and sensualism, a real moment of delight I felt so well, so light as we forget all his(her,its) inhibitions. I thank quite the EDEN team

    Date: 2016-09-29 14:37:45
    Name: Lamartine
    It is of what I thought under the sensual and delicate hands of Sofia and EVA:
    " In ....... and you, convenient hours,
    Suspend your court(course,price,yard).
    Let us savor the fast delights
    Of the most beautiful nowadays ".
    ( Thank you Lamartine)

    Date: 2016-09-23 12:15:07
    Name: Laurent
    Another one moment of pure generosity and sensualism for it REVERSE sublimates with Valery. Thank you again to you

    Date: 2016-09-23 11:41:21
    Name: JOHN
    I had has very good time superb


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